“The renovation was done with a fixed budget and Louise and Joseph worked with me throughout the process to ensure I got excellent value for my investment. I couldn't be happier with my new space - thank you Joseph & Louise! Pair Home Design.”



First Impressions Count - Street Appeal:

  • The garden

    Poorly kept lawns, garden and exterior paint gives a negative first impression. Seller take action – Clean up all garbage and unsightly junk from your garden and entrance way, remove weeds from walkways and driveway, cut lawn and trim hedges. Purchase fresh bark mulch for your flower beds.

  • Gutters and drive way

    Clean & fix broken gutters, remove oil spills from drive way and power wash.

  • Roof

    Repair any leaks or damaged areas – remove moss (without damaging roof)

  • Front entrance way

    Add a professional coat of fresh paint to your front door

  • Locks and doorbells

    Repair locks and door bells if broken

  • Mail box

    Replace Mail box if dated or broken (mailbox can be sprayed painted)

  • Windows

    Clean all windows inside and out

  • Windows

    Ensure window coverings look aesthetically pleasing from exterior view

  • Windows

    Clean vinyl siding

  • Driveway

    Add some colorful potted plants in driveway and entrance way, these can be moved with you to your new home

De-cluttering tips:

  • Keep it simple

    Clean one drawer at a time, one counter at a time and before you know it there is less clutter and you feel better and confident about clearing your clutter.

  • Go through your clothes

    Clean out closets and dressers. Sell, consign or give away anything that you no longer love or that no longer fits you. If it’s beyond repair, out of style, unflattering, then let it go.

  • Go through storage boxes

    Let go of those old files, notes, diaries, love letters, linens, pictures and paintings anything you no longer need or use. If you haven’t used it for the past year, chances are you don’t need it, and perhaps someone else does.

  • Kitchen counters and cupboards

    Remove non-essential items from the counter that you do not use on a daily basis. These items can be stored in cupboards. Clean out the pantry and refrigerator to make sure nothing has expired or gone stale. Clean out under the kitchen sink and throw away items you no longer use or are empty. Cupboards and closets should open and close effortlessly.

  • Spruce up the bathrooms

    Keep a few towels in a nice basket. Dispose of towels that are worn or you no longer use. Keep closets neat and clean. Discard empty containers. Keep counters and the tub completely free of toiletries, soap bars, scrub brushes etc.

  • Organize your desk and office area

    Clear your desk at the end of each work day. Create active files for all paperwork. Keep only one notebook for all notes. Handle mail once and discard magazines or catalogues that aren’t current.

  • Keep less paper

    Only keep books that are essential and irreplaceable. Old textbooks, paperback classics, children’s books (when your children have grown up) can be sold at a garage sale and given to friends or a library

  • Use the garage for your car not clutter

    Hang bikes on bike racks along with tools. Dispose of any items that are irreparable. Give away garden tools you no longer use.

  • Clear entrance ways

    Don’t drop items at the front entrance to your home as it blocks the flow of movement. Dispose of old flyers, newspapers and junk mail daily. Footwear should be neatly stored in a hallway closet or on a shoe shelf.

  • Have fun and keep it simple - tips to get started:

    • Does it enhance my home or my life?
    • Do I need it?
    • Do I use it?
  • Once you’ve answered these questions sort things into three piles:

    1. Yes, I love it and want to keep it - I feel great every time I see it.
    2. No, I no longer need it or use it - I can pass it on to someone else.
    3. No, It no longer brings me joy - I can recycle or garbage.

Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling tips for selling or living. Updating your kitchen and bathroom will definitely add value to your home.

  • Cabinets

    Paint cabinets if in reasonably good condition

  • Cabinets

    Add new modern hardware to cabinets

  • Flooring

    Add floating vinyl flooring it’s reasonably inexpensive and easy to install

  • Cupboards

    Clean inside all cupboards and discard unwanted / unused items

  • Fridge

    Clean inside of fridge, remove all junk and pictures off fridge

  • Stove

    Clean stove inside and out – replace burnt out elements or oven light if needed

  • Lighting

    Replace dated lighting with modern lighting to suite your style of home

  • Counter tops

    Replace counter tops if badly stained or cracked

  • Cleaning

    Ensure your kitchen is squeaky clean, clean, clean

  • Professionals

    Consider hiring a Professional Home Staging consultant to assist you in increasing the marketability of your home to potential buyers.

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  • Why home staging?

    Home staging is a effective creative service that can maximise the appeal of your home to potential buyers, and measurably enhance its value.

  • Why redesign?

    By re-using what you already have in your home we will restyle and reorganise your home to create function in one or more rooms of your choosing, we can also provide accessory packages to add to what you have to reflect your personality and lifestyle

  • Why renovate?

    Renovating or remodeling can measurably increase the value of your property along with increasing the marketability of your home to potential buyers.

    Renovating and updating the layout of your home can increase functionality flow and balance from one room to another while reflecting the needs and life style and personalities of everyone living in the home.

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Sign up for our free monthly newsletter on staging, redesign and renovations and also receive a free report, “Ten Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home”

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