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FAQ: Home Staging, Renovation

  • Why should I use a Home Staging service?

    Your home is probably your biggest investment. Do you want to maximize your financial return on this investment? If yes, then Home Staging could be a very prudent idea. It?s our business to create beautiful homes with a broad appeal and help achieve the best price possible for your property.

  • What happens first?

    This entirely depends on budget. Staging the whole house is ideal, however, focussing on just the key rooms can be very effective: we would suggest staging the living room, kitchen, main bathroom, master bedroom and dining room.

  • What happens to my furniture?

    We always utilise your own furniture whenever possible, but as part of the de-cluttering process we may need to streamline your furniture possessions and use an external storage facility for excess items.

  • Where do rental furnishings come from?

    We can recommend a number of excellent rental furniture stores in the Lower Mainland who supply everything from furniture to accessories. Rates vary by store and quality.

  • What happens if I need trades people?

    If remodeling or repairs are needed Pair home design will provide you with a quote for repairs to be carried out. If the work is outside the scope of our expertise we can recommend the trades available to us. If our client wishes we can oversee the project on your behalf. Any major renovations need to be completed before we begin our staging process.

    We will provide color consultation, suggestions for window treatments, landscaping and other cosmetic changes to enhance the home before staging.

  • How much does it cost?

    The price is always dependent on the scale of the project and is costed on an individual basis. But we provide the following formula as rough guide:

    If you’ve kept up the maintenance on the exterior and interior of your home over the past ten years we recommended that you spend approximately 1 to 3% of your selling price.

    If you’ve not maintained your home in the last ten years, we recommended that you spend approximately 4 to 10% of your selling price.

    Furniture rental and a shopping service can be provided at an additional cost.

  • How long does it take?

    The initial consultation will take between one and two hours. The time frame for the work is entirely dependent on the scale of the project but we will always keep to an agreed schedule.

  • Do I need to be present when work is being done?

    You only need to be present for us to gain initial access to your home. It’s normally less disruptive to you if we operate while you’re on vacation or at work. We understand that your time is valuable and your needs and security will be addressed during the initial meeting.

  • Who should I talk to?

    Please see the contact us page for details on how you can get hold of the team.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the advantages of home staging. Remember how you live in your home is not how you sell your house.

  • Why home staging?

    Home staging is a effective creative service that can maximise the appeal of your home to potential buyers, and measurably enhance its value.

  • Why redesign?

    By re-using what you already have in your home we will restyle and reorganise your home to create function in one or more rooms of your choosing, we can also provide accessory packages to add to what you have to reflect your personality and lifestyle

  • Why renovate?

    Renovating or remodeling can measurably increase the value of your property along with increasing the marketability of your home to potential buyers.

    Renovating and updating the layout of your home can increase functionality flow and balance from one room to another while reflecting the needs and life style and personalities of everyone living in the home.

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