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Tips to freshen up your bathroom

Posted on May 18th, 2011 by louise

Getting your home ready for selling or just needing to give your bathroom a fresh new look these simple do it yourself tips will help you get started.

Discard old empty shampoo and soap bottles, old razor blades & old & dirty scrub brushes, worn towels, face clothes, throw away old tooth brushes, items that are not been used donate or throw away.

Tile Grout: Clean grout around tub tiles as they can get moldy and dirty over time. You can replace grout that has chipped away especially if it’s around the tub white or almond colors, check with your local hardware store, there are also some very good grout cleaners available. These are small tasks with big returns as bathrooms need to be SPARKLING CLEAN when selling your home.

Floor tiles: clean grout and tiles with a quality tile / grout cleaner look on line or local hardware store.
Tiles & Tub can be surfaced; it’s inexpensive and can change the look of your bathroom dramatically.
Remove and replace caulking along tub and floor, will brighten up shower and make tub appear cared for, if you need to hire someone to do this please do as a poor job will look worse if not done right.
Add a fresh coat of paint to freshen up the space.

Clean windows, replace caulking around windows if needed, sand down window sills if moldy or damaged and repaint.
Purchase some nice white towels to create freshness.

Shower curtain:
White is the best look for most bathrooms, makes place look cleaner and bigger
Replace broken or damaged ceiling fan. If fan is dirty remove and clean with some good cleaner that will remove dirt and grime collected over the years.
Bathroom cupboards: remove everything from inside the cupboards and discard items not it use. Rearrange items so that you have room to put items that were on your counter tops neatly into cupboards, buyers will look inside! Yes so cleanliness so top of the list for bathrooms and kitchens.

Countertops: clear of clutter remove all make up / creams / hairsprays / after shave bottles and whatever else is cluttering the counter. If caulking is molding around counter due to water leaks remove and replace grout or silicone to clean up the counter.

Towels: – Purchase some nice white towels add greenery / colorful accent flowers along with a colorful picture to compliment flowers and Voila you have a fresh new look.

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