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Creating space in your home

Posted on June 2nd, 2011 by louise

living-roomCreate Space in your home by following a few simple steps for Spring cleaning, Selling or Redesigning your home. I encourage you to de-clutter and eliminate items that may distract potential buyers. Show your home with CONFIDENCE!
Selling a home can sometimes be overwhelming and a difficult decision for home owners especially if you have lived in the home for many years. If you are like most people you probably think your home is worth more than it really is and if you want TOP DOLLARS maybe there is work to do?

To get motivated maybe you need to try and think of your home as a commodity an investment that can give you a great deal of equity for YOUR future plans. Making a plan of what needs to be done, by whom and when will help keep you on track and before you know it the house will be ready for showing and SOLD.
Keep in mind buyers generally BUY UP so getting your home in pristine move in condition will help minimize or eliminate price concessions and attract potential buyers and realtors to your home.
If you need assistance to get you started consider investing in the services of a Professional home Stager. A professional home staging consultant will view your home with “Buyers Eyes” and give you a list of recommendations that they might see as objectionable which may save you time, energy and money long term. Following some simple steps will help you increase the value of your home to potential buyers.
Step1. Storage Spaces
If you have a storage room in your home then this is where you need to start as you need a place to store items that you will not need while your home is up for sale. Start with editing, de-cluttering and eliminating broken, unused and unwanted items in your storage locker, garage, basement and closets take them to the re-cycle depot (check out your local city hall for details on re-cycling in your area. Why pay to move items you do not use, people tend to hold onto things for their children or grand children maybe check with them first before you decide to keep them.

1. Shred old papers – companies will come to your home or you can take boxes to confidential shredding companies in your neighborhood
2. Re-cycle books, magazines or donate to senior homes, medical offices, thrift stores, shelters or second hand book stores.
3. Old Clothes, linens and bedding – donate to woman & men’s shelters, thrift stores or bring to consignment stores or have a clothing exchange party with friends and family
4. Garden tools – leave for new home owner or sell – donate
5. Toys – donate to thrift stores – day care centers
If you do not have storage in your home consider
6 Renting a storage locker close to your home
7. Arrange for mobile storage company to come to your place of residence, they will take everything away to a holding area once container is full.
Storage options: recyclable boxes delivered to your door 1-877-376-4269
Stay tuned for more tips on getting your home feeling GOOD! – Offering home owners solutions to creating more flow and balance in their homes.
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