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Creating the right atmosphere when selling!

Posted on April 19th, 2012 by louise

Have you ever walked into someone;s home and said I could live in this home? To feel this way there must have been some type of atmosphere within the home that made you feel completely at ease whether it was the way the home flowed from one room to another with the right amount and size of furniture or maybe it was a combination of design, fresh paint and cleanliness that made the home so inviting.

For your home to be attractive to buyers you need to create a similar atmosphere so your home can appeal to the maximum amount of buyers viewing your home on the internet or in person. Over 80% of potential buyers will check out listing on the internet before arranging a viewing “First Impressions” count!
For many selling their home is often an overwhelming and daunting task yet almost everyone wants to get as much money as they can for their largest investment their home?

Some Benefits of home staging
1. Gives your home a competitive edge over other listings,
2. Reduces the time home is on the market
3. Get your home on the top 10 list of must see properties.
4. More interested buyers
5. Pictures show great on the internet
6. Potential buyers can visualize living in YOUR home
7. Gives your home an updated look
8. Your home is move in ready!

When selling its worth investing in a Professional home staging consultation during your consultation (usually 1-2 hours) you will be given a list of suggestions going from one room to another the list will include such things as paint colors for selling, de-clutter! Yikes yes most of us have too much clutter, pre-packing, esthetic upgrades and de-personalizing of items as truthfully potential buyers are not interested in your personal items and clutter is often a big distraction from buyers purchasing a home and of course cleanliness or lack thereof!

Your home can be staged in 3 different ways

1. Using all your own furniture, art & accessories, most cost effective if you have the right furnishings suitable for your style of home
2. Use some of your furnishings and add an accessory package to compliment your existing furniture
3. Vacant homes, we provide furniture, art & Accessories to suite your style and size of home.

1. De-clutter – buyers want to be able to walk freely in your home and feel comfortable rent a storage locker if necessary.
2. Clean, Clean, Clean – Unclean homes turn buyers away instantly unless they want a deal! (Consider hire a professionally cleaning company).
3. Hire a professional painter & choose neutral light colors, this makes the home look cleaner and smells fresher
4. Upgrade lighting – people want modern fixtures
5. Shampoo carpets – gets rid of unpleasant odors
6. Service furnace & clean filters basic house maintenance
7. Check attic for leaks, add R24 or R40 to lower hydro bill
8. Ensure interior / exterior light fixtures & Doors are all in good working order
9. Curb appeal – buyers will drive by and Check you out, gardens should be Clean, garbage / junk free and appealing – Added colorful potted flowers
10. If you feel you need help contact a Professional certified Home Staging Consultant that can guide you through the process.

How much money should I spend in preparing my home for sale?
Statistics say you should spend approx
1 – 3 % of sale price if your home has not had work done in the last 5 years
3 – 5 % if home has not had any work done in 5-10 years

If we can assist you or someone you know with staging their home please call us today at 778.834.7247. We’d be happy to provide our services. View our work and check out our free home staging tips at
Louise Henry is a Professional Home Staging Consultant and owner of Pair Home Design, Louise is trained by the Canadian Redesigners association and a member the Professional Real Estate Stagers Association.
Pair Home Design serves: Vancouver, Langley, Coquitlam, Mission, Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack British Columbia

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