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Posted on July 13th, 2012 by louise


By Louise Henry, Home Staging & Interior Redesign Consultant

As a home owner preparing to sell your home you might be asking yourself how I can maximize on how much I can get for the sale of my home in today’s property market. In today’s house market many home owners and Realtors are hiring a professional home stager in order to attract potential buyers, home staging can help sell your home faster and often for more money.

The time it takes to prepare your home for sale will depend on how long you’ve lived in the home and how much clutter you’ve accumulated over the years and how much maintenance work you have done around the house. A professional home stager can provide a consultation on everything from curb appeal to back garden and everything in between. If you have pink or blue walls your home staging consultant will give you advice on choosing the right colors in your home to create broad buyer appeal. A fresh coat of paint will give a feeling of being cleaner and fresher, remember if both income earners in the home are out working every day they do not have the time, energy or money to be buying a home that requires work, I find that buyers today want “move in condition” If you have outdated light fixtures I would suggest updating all your fixtures throughout your home.

Home staging is far more than good placement of your furniture, art & accessories. Home staging is
much like detailing your car before selling it, you take care of all the maintenance repairs, de-clutter, clean and freshen it up before you put it on the market which is what you have to do with your home in order to maximize on how much you can sell it for.

Home staging will bring functionality to cluttered homes, a professional home stager will create space & spaciousness in otherwise cluttered areas. Our trained eye will balance out your home using art & accessories that will also create flow to enhance the more positive features of your home.

If you have a vacant home or investment property that is empty it’s likely that your property will spend months on the market before you’ll attract a buyer. Potential buyers walk through vacant homes therefore it may take longer to sell which create price reductions never mind the extra mortgage payments. Show homes are beautifully furnished because buyers buy on emotion, a Home stager will source & supply rental furniture, art & accessories suitable for your size & style of vacant property. The price of furniture rental can be far less costly than your extra monthly mortgage payments

So if you’re selling your home in today’s property market it’s time to roll up your sleeves and give the buyer what they are looking for while at the same time maximizing on the return of your investment “your home”.

In order to avoid price concessions follow some simple’s tips to get your home “Open House Ready”. The condition of your home will determine what price concessions might be asked for by the potential buyer.
Home staging is more than just good furniture placement it’s much like selling a car and having it detailed before putting it up for sale.


1. De-clutter – buyers want to be able to walk freely in your home and feel comfortable
2. Rent a storage locker while your home is on the market
3. Clean, Clean, Clean – Unclean homes turn buyers away instantly unless they want a deal!
4. Hire a professional painter & choose neutral colors, this makes the home look cleaner and smells fresher
5. Upgrade lighting – people want modern fixtures
6. Shampoo carpets – gets rid of unpleasant odors
7. Service furnace & clean filters basic house maintenance
8. Ensure interior / exterior light fixtures & Doors are all in good working order
9. Curb appeal – buyers will drive by and Check you out, gardens should be Clean, garbage / junk free and appealing – Added colorful potted flowers
10. If you feel you need help contact a Home Staging Consultant that can guide you through the process.

How much money should I spend in preparing my home for sale?
Statistics say you should spend approx
1 – 3 % of sale price if your home has not had work done in the last 5 years
3 – 5 % if home has not had any work done in 5-10 years

Please contact for location
Cell: 778-834-7247or toll free: 1-877-778-7564

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