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Organise & Declutter your garage for living or selling

Posted on September 5th, 2011 by louise


Tips to organize your garage for selling or living

While we still have some Summer left this is a great time to organize your garage especially if your considering selling your home in early Spring, YES! the garage needs to be accessible for potential buyers A. to see that their vehicle will actually fit in the garage and B. buyers need to floor space and see YOUR HOME at its very best if you want TOP DOLLARS, First Impressions count!

If you have a garage that has become a storage room then here are a few tips to get you started. If your selling potential buyers want to see floor space and see that their vehicle will fit in your garage

If it means renting a storage locker short term then give this some consideration. Potential buyers want to feel a sense of spaciousness.

Start by moving out big items from the garage into holding area outside if possible
Get large heavy duty constructor bags and Tupperware boxes sort items as follows:

•a. items to keep b. items to donate c. items to recycle d. undecided!

1. Build good racking to store boxes / tools
2. Heavy duty hooks can be used to hang bicycles, garden toolsClick to show “Garage Storage” result 16
3. Donate, give away and recycle items you do not use or like
4. Create zones 1. Bicycles 2. Garden tools 3. Work tools 4. Paint cans etc
5. Ensure garage door open / closes properly
6. Ensure lights and outlets are in working order

Items that are seasonal or not being used before you move can be boxed, labeled and stored in a storage locker.

Unwanted items can be sold at a garage sale or various websites allow you to advertise “Free Stuff”, sell or give away to friends and family.

Once you have the garage cleared, clean floor thoroughly with a good cleaner, repair any concrete cracks or damages. You can also paint the cement to give a nice clean fresh look.

Finally, Move items you NEED & USE back into the garage ensure boxes are labelled and organize into zones so that you can find items easier.

If you are a friend / family member needs helping de-cluttering Pair Home Design will de-clutter their home & redesign one or more rooms to bring a Fresh and exciting new look all this can be done in a “One Day Redesign Makeover”

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