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Packing and Moving Services for the Elderly and Busy Home Owners!

Posted on November 26th, 2013 by louise

Over the past months we have seen an increasing need within our community to assist Elderly home owners moving and downsizing. Sometimes parents and children live in separate cities, have busy lives and often for one reason or another unable to assist other family members with the overwhelming and sometimes challenging task of packing and moving to their new home.

Pair Home Design has now added Pre-packing and moving services in addition to our Home Staging services presently offered to home owners and realtors.

De-cluttering and organizing!
Moving can be stressful for most people so been organized right from the beginning will ensure a smoother transition from one home to another! How Pair Home Design will HELP You!

1. Assist home owners with sorting through items in their home that they will not use or need in their new home.
2. Allocate items not going to new home to family, friends, garage sale or donation
2. Pack items that are going to other family members and arrange for delivery or pick up
3. All donated items dropped off to charity of choice i.e. hospice, church, salvation army etc.
4. Large furniture items not moving to new home to be removed, sold or donated as per home owners instructions.

1. Boxes and all packing materials purchased and delivered to clients home.
2. Personal items organized prior to packing
3. Boxes packed and labelled and ready for new home.

1. We will organize movers and project manage your move to your new home

New Home!
1. We shall ensure boxes are organized in your new home
2. Unpack boxes and organize items into cupboards and closets
3. Remove all empty boxes and packing materials
4. Stage your new home and hang pictures
5. Organize trades to paint or update your home to make it WARM AND COZY FOR MANY YEARS TO COME!

Call us today to for a COMPLIMENTARY ESTIMATE! 778-834-7247

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