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Realtors do you want to reduce your listings DOM?

Posted on January 23rd, 2015 by louise

Are you a realtor who would like to reduce your listings DOM? Reduce your advertising costs? Spend more time attracting new listings? Enhance your professional image?

Realtors are finding value in Pairing up with Professional Home Staging companies to give their clients added value when listing their home.
Realtor benefits when offering a Professional home staging consultation with your listing package
1. Your listing will not only look AMAZING but will have a competitive edge over other listings in the neighborhood. Selling a home in “AS IS” condition only helps sell your competition.
2. Statistic prove staged homes sell faster and often for more money
3. Reduces your advertising and marketing costs
4. MLS and internet pictures will generate greater interest and viewings from other realtors and potential buyers
5. Your professional image will be seen as a Realtor whose listings show at their best!
6. Your clients will be receiving the best added service possible.
7. Home buyers love to know they are being treated special and getting more value from you the realtor.
8. Professional home staging consultants handle delicate and sometimes very awkward situations such as pet or food odors, bathroom or kitchen home cleanliness along with providing professional advice on suitable paint colors for selling.
9. Professionally staged and photographed homes attract more buyers
10. Home owners will want to list with you as you’ll be known as a realtor who goes the extra mile to not only improve the marketability of your listings but will attract other potential sellers / buyers because of your Professional image.

Benefits for home owner receiving home staging services. They will be given written suggestions on:

1. Street Appeal – we want potential buyers over the threshold of your listings!
2. Clutter yikes yes to much clutter distracts buyers
3. De-personalizing – buyers want to visualize their belongings in the home
4. Paint colors for selling gets 100 % ROI
5. Storage solutions – Home needs to feel spacious
6. Cleanliness or lack thereof!
7. Lighting upgrades buyers want move in condition
8. Food / pet odors – bad odors can be very offensive
9. Religious icons – may distract and turn buyers away
10. Flooring upgrades – buyers like move in condition

Home Staging Consultant follows up with realtor after the consultation to give them feedback about the consultation with their client.

Sellers just love this added value service offered by many savvy realtors who want to sell homes faster leaving more time and energy to attract new listings.
Making “Positive First Impressions” one home at a time!

If you would like to find out more information about Home staging please call me Louise Henry, Home Staging Consultant 778-834-7247 I’d be happy to connect with you.

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