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Rejuvenating old furntiure Shabby Chic!

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 by louise

When I am redesigning or staging my clients home, I am often asked by my clients what they should do with their old furniture pieces such as end, night tables, sleigh bed and chairs etc. As many of you know, I try to find a new function and appeal to old furniture which almost always leads me to the option of refinishing old furniture or cabinets and updating hardware in lieu of taking good pieces to the dump, giving them away or purchasing new furniture items. By refinishing furniture you can create a lighter or darker finish that can bring a fresh, clean and exciting new furniture style to your home which will also save a considerable amount of money $$$, plus you have the satisfaction of showcasing your creative project to your family and friends.

Maybe you might be inspired to be creative in your home take a class to help you along the way!

If you have any questions or new a resource for refinishing your furniture please send me an email to

Happy Painting

Louise Henry
Home staging & Design Consultant
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D.I.Y Rejuvenate furniture

This was my latest project. Painting old furniture can be a fun and satisfying project. As a D.I.Y project I have painted everything from mirrors to furniture.

Maybe with your first project start with something small like this old wood magazine table

Old wood magazine table

Old wood magazine table

Before you get started items to purchase:

1. Sand paper grit approx 125
2. Small foam roller
3. Small paint brush
4. Old rags, I can get pretty messy!
5. Oil based primer
6. Latex paint or
7. Chalk paint – no primer required
8. Finishing wax – Minwax Water-Based polyurethane clear semi gloss

My favorite paint colors for furniture are:

Oxford white Benjamin Moore CC30
Cloud White Benjamin Moore CC40
Flurry Benjamin Moore CC90
Grey Mist Benjamin Moore CC80


1. We were able to disassemble this table which made it easier for painting due to spindles so this might be an option for you depending on the pieces.
2. Wood surface: clean and give a light sand to all surface areas and wipe clean to remove all dust and your ready for painting, this is not necessary if you are working on a solid wood piece go straight to primer.
3. Paint surface with a oil based primer using a roller or brush and allow to dry for 24 hours before painting.
4. With your 125 grit sandpaper lightly sand and wipe surface before adding first coat of paint
5. With a small foam roller or paint brush paint all surface areas and allow to dry overnight
(check paint drying guidelines on your paint can. A roller is easier and faster for your first time
6. Apply second coat of latex paint and allow to dry.
7. I gently burnish (sand paper) the corners and a few areas around the furniture to give it more of a shabby chic look, the more you do it you’ll determine what styles you like.
8. In order to seal the paint and project the surface purchase a minwax product available at your local hardware store and let them know type of surface you are painting.
9. Apply two coats of wax sealant and let dry 24 hours in between coats and approx 3 days of drying time before you place anything on the surface to avoid paint lifting or scuffing of paint.

Voila! you now have a lovely new piece of furniture that can be used as a night table or side table in a living room or bedroom add a nice lamp and some flowers and your all set to start your next piece! Shabby Chic is in!

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