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Where to start when renovating?

Posted on June 2nd, 2011 by louise

after-design-5All successful renovation projects require proper planning to ensure you achieve your desired outcome and keep within your budget. Not sure where to start?
1. Decide what you want to get from your renovation? More space, functionality, Renovating for living? or selling? if your renovating for selling the amount you spend should be less than if your renovating and staying in the home for 5 years or more.
2.Browse the internet and for ideas such as Contemporary kitchens / traditional kitchens etc depending on your style.
3. If your not sure of what your style is, it will be determine by the styles you are drawn to in a magazine / kitchen store
4. Go to the library or thrift stores and pick up magazines cut out pictures that you like (not from the library books/mags!)
5. Purchase the latest design magazines identify cabinetry styles, granite colors, paint colors that you LOVE the most
6. Consider hiring a renovation coach / consultant to give you ideas and maximize on functionality
7. Have your renovation coach or design consultant provide a 3D design this will allow you to see your renovation before work begins as you can view a 3D design with hardwood, tiled floors, a variety of colored cabinets / granites and more.
7. Once you decided on a design – Do you want to do the work yourself? Hire a contractor who will source & shop for all your supplies or will you shop and hire contractor handle all the trades on your behalf or a mixture of both.
8. Talk with family and friends – referral business is usually a good way to go.

9. Take your time making all your renovation decisions, this will ensure you are confident in your choices as you move from one stage to the next in creating your “Dream Project” a reality.
10. Your design consultant can take your project from inception to completion.

Tips on Hiring a contractor coming soon.
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